American Trap

American trap is when targets are thrown by a trap house. There are 5 stations, each 16 yards behind the trap house. Each competitor shoots at 5 targets from each station. The trap machine oscillates left to right, so the competitor does not know where the target will emerge. Each shooter is allowed only one shot at each target, totaling 25 shots per round.


American Skeet

American skeet is a game of 7 positions on a semicircle, and an 8th station halfway between stations 1 and 7. There are two houses at each corner of the semicircle. One trap launches targets from 10 feet above the gound (high house) and the other launches it from 3 feet above ground (low house). At stations 1, 2, 6, and 7, the competitor shoots a single target from the high house, a single target from the low house, then two simultaneously flying targets (1 high and 1 low). At all remaining stations, competitors shoot a single target from the high house followed by a single target from the low house. Each competitor is awarded one "option" (second attempt) at the first shot they miss, which makes 25 shots per round.


For a more detailed explanation of these and more shooting games, please visit the website of our home range (Waterloo Izaak Walton League).

Do not be scared away by how complicated some of the games may seem. They are really quite simple after a few rounds of practice. All members of the team are more than willing to help anyone learn the new games and techniques while shooting.


Illustration's provided courtesy of
Clay Shooting Magazine